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Crystal trophy [is] a noble symbol of purity, is often used to award issued by the government and enterprises.It crystal clear, sparkling, feel is exquisite, can also be lettering, pattern on it.With material crystal - as clean as ice and snow.Use it to make the prize for best are better.

Using occasions: awards ceremony, the sports meeting, the commendation congress, meeting celebration, anniversary celebrations, business pr, thank customers, holiday celebrations, housewarming, graduate education, four items, commemorative collection and so on.
Material: choose K9 level of artificial crystal
Crystal handicraft ordinary machinery to make by hand to add a brief, the Labour strength of workers greatly.Simple, can be divided into: cutting, coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing, carving, carving, the assembly bonding process, quality inspection, packaging, etc.
, material K9 (A, B, C) three levels for grade A best quality, no water lines The impurities Refraction of light transparent
Saw material,
1, manual cutting: this is the first step in crystal processing, cutting out the target about the shape of products, suitable for simple design
2, water cutting, computer automatic machine, high cutting precision Suitable for aliens, difficult style
1, all hand polished, applicable to irregular surface edges
2, polishing machine, apply to rules edge surface
Wait, coarse grinding, cutting good aniseed after grinding diamond sand to nearly the size of the standard specifications, already can see the product shape, probably the basic flat surface.
Fine grinding: because the crystal appearance after coarse grinding has some similar scratch lines, thus also need finer grinding wheel to remove, then giving a frosted crystal effect.
See after grinding, polishing, the thickness of wool or an opaque crystal, this time with a leather wheel plate combined with polishing powder will further polishing crystal appearance, until transparent surface gloss.
1, outside carving: sandblasting machine or laser carve machine carved words or patterns in the crystal appearance.With laser carve machine carved words groove is lubrication, lack of attached, therefore not easy coloring;Use sandblasting machine, text is not only sliding groove, easy coloring, also have qualitative feeling more, the effect is better.
2, inside carving, laser announced with laser subsurface engraving machine, according to the graphic coordinates or geometrical locus, blasting have rules within the crystal white dots, constitute the response pattern.Because brand differences of the voltage and frequency of the laser subsurface engraving machine, carving exquisite level and speed also differences, ordinary domestic green of single lens assembly glue: after the above process ready made parts accessories, according to the crystal shape made of shadowless glue combined with ultraviolet light assembly into finished products.
Quality inspection: after bonding crystal surface need to remove sand blasting and adhesion of dirt, and check the crystal glue location is correct, whether the surface, such as scratches, broken mouth size are consistent.
Packaging: the operation process on the crystal product has been completed, at this time of the finished product into custom gift box is complete.
In addition, according to the requirements, some products also need other processes and handling: drilling, digging, vacuum coating, color printing, color, pickling, facet, special shape of products to open mold, with the heat treatment technology is processed into finished products.

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